2.0 Problème avec HelloMessage

11 Novembre 2019
is there anyone working on 2.55.1?
I am creating a SOCKET bot for a private server version 2.55.1. I have problems with the AES key on HelloProtocol
I'm getting this key which I guess is in sbyte based on DofusInvoker.

ProtocolId = 4, length = 1, packetSize = 0
Protocol id = 5, length = 1, packetSize = 0x55 (so from now everything is normal)
this is what the client sends after receiving Hello Protocol. Nothing fancy, but the extra header and some kind of crypto that I can't figure out looking at the source.
I have looked into the client and there is no protocol 5 that makes me wonder what am I doing wrong.

- English -
Basically what I'm struggling with is that I cannot figure out why my client is sending a doubled header packet to the server, which I can replicate easily so it doesn't worry me that much but I still want to know why is that or just an attempt to make official server's fail on this specific server. 1603107310077.png
What I'm not really sure about is how the cyphering of the password is being done. Help!
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